Forage first for the experts

nettlesMany people interested in Wild Foodism are eager to implement the lifestyle, yet do not know where to start.  I receive many requests for the literature and websites I use, and while I believe they are an important factor in the learning process, there is a much better resource available: the seasoned foragers, hunters, and gatherers already in your community.

There is no doubt that in every community there is at least one person who is familiar with the local edible flora and fauna.  This is precisely how I learned, and I highly recommend seeking out these individuals.  A simple online search, with perhaps some extra digging around, will yield promising results.  Many cities host wild edible walks, and several state parks provide guided hikes and activities involving the organisms within that particular environment.

I do not want to downplay the benefits that wild food books offer; I have learned a great deal with their help.  Experience is the best teacher, however, and having an expert guide you through the identification, uses, history, and location of various plants facilitates a greater learning response that will help you embed the information more effectively.

Get started today.  Forage not only for the wild edibles in your environment, but also for the experts who have much to share.


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