3 New Reasons To Consume Medicinal Mushrooms

oystermushroombigschenleylearnyourlandMushrooms wear many hats.  No, not fedoras, stetsons, and top hats.

Think of these hats as metaphors, describing instead the roles these important species perform in their ecosystems.  For example, mushrooms are world-class decomposers, recyclers, bioremediators, parasites, pathogens, poisons, hallucinogens, and food.

Additionally, the fungal kingdom houses some of the world’s most powerful medicines.  What traditional cultures have known for centuries, modern research is continually discovering:  mushrooms contain potent medicinal compounds that can aid the human body in functioning optimally.

Recently, three new studies have been published demonstrating the medicinal benefits of three separate species of mushrooms…

Read the rest of the article (and watch a video!) at Learn Your Land.



  1. Hi Adam, I plan on joining a local mushroom club soon, but heard you recommend taking a spore print to identify the honey mushroom. Would you please tell me the process in taking a spore print? Thanks,Dianne

    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 21:17:03 +0000 To: dmarinari@msn.com

  2. Hi Adam! For some reason my new Wild Foodism email is blank. Nothing comes up at all. I’m not sure why since the other mail I received today is appearing fine. I don’t want to miss the new post!!

    Thanks! Jennifer

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  3. hey fellow Mushroamer- thanks for the gteat post on the Morel and its health benefits. you nailed it, healthy, fun, and gets you back where you belong- joining the energy around you in the woods. hope you’re enjoying a great mushroom season, be well – Momentummikey

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