1. Just wanted to take a minute and say this is the best site I’ve seen! Very thorough and educational! Not to get too deep, but I really enjoy your breakdown of your topics. Highly enlightening and inspiring my friend, keep it up!

  2. Agreed! Just found this site and I am so glad I stumbled upon it. The “Learn Your Land” concept is awesome… We all desperately need to reconnect with our surroundings. Keep it up!

  3. Adam I am an old geezer thatgrew up forging fo wild edables.Iam stil learning & I am still learning. Your videos are well thought out & very informative. My wife & I appreciate and enjoy them very much. Thank you.

  4. I’ve been mushroom hunting for about 6-7 years now and I try to pick a new mushroom to hunt for each year, this year’s is the coliflower mushroom!!!
    Do you have any tips on finding what I’ve heard is the best mushroom out there???
    Really would like to find one of these beauties!!!

  5. definitely seems I am meant to be here, as I just stumbled upon your Stinging Nettle video over on youtube, then did a google search looking to see if I could identify these super huge bright orange shrooms all around the base of a huge likely 100+ year old oak?…and voila, ended up at your site without even realizing for the first few minutes cruising layout n all….
    Love what you’re doing…2 thumbs up and huge thank you
    Surprized_Daily down below U on Virginia….

  6. I have loved my wild edibles in New Mexico and BC Canada for over 40 years. I still have an almost daily fond respect for my old friend Stinging Nettles that I give the back of my hand to and relish the slight welts as a gift to boosting my immune system. I had planted it the way others plant mint in my herb garden here at 5300 feet and it grows somewhat well. I just saw your youtube tape on the birch polypore while looking for more info on chaga which does not grow here in New Mexico. I found your tape to be impassioned, intelligent, experienced, kind and motivated which are all great combinations for sharing real knowledge. Thank you and can I get on a list as I would like to know when you are conducting workshops . I am the figman of New Mexico and are you aware of the medicinal uses of fig leaf tea for balancing blood sugar, reducing cholestrol and stimulating blood circulation? Lloyd Kreitzer, nmfigman@gmail.com

  7. Hello Adam,
    We enjoy all of your videos and are learning so much from you. Our life is changing for the better because of what we are learning.
    I am wondering, do you accept mail from followers?
    I sent an email once ( I think) and never heard back.
    Thanks for everything.

  8. HELLO! Love your YouTube channel. Do you sell tinctures? If so how can I purchase them? You are such a great teacher my husband and I have learned alot from you! We hope to be able to go on one of your walks soon

  9. I love your videos and am very impressed with your technical knowledge. Have you done any videos in chicory?

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