What is a wild foodie?


A wild foodie is one who takes the next step in the quest for optimal health.  She is aware that the domesticated foods of today may not be enough to guarantee her ability to thrive, and knows that beyond fresh, beyond local, and beyond organic lies a dimension of food that is unparalleled in quality, sustainability, and nutrition.

A wild foodie is one who reacquaints himself with his ecosystem.  He participates in it through the sound harvesting and gathering of the food it provides.  Through this direct connection, he reintegrates not only his presence and activity with nature, but reintegrates those of the human species as well.

A wild foodie understands that she cannot go back in time and undo the injustices inflicted upon Earth.  She realizes that she must be adapted to both the natural rhythms of life, as well as those enforced by modern civilization.  She simply takes the next step forward and assumes responsibility for the health of her body and the planet by incorporating more wild foods into her lifestyle whenever she can.  A little bit here, a little bit there, until one day her diet has been transformed into a direct engagement between her and the organisms with which she cohabitates.

A wild foodie is one who is ready to experience the robustness of the human species, who knows that the supermarket diet just won’t cut it.

Are you ready to be a wild foodie?


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