Everyday Is A Day To Vote “Yes”

rickettsglenwildfoodismWell, today is the “day” to vote. Apparently today only, though. Yesterday was too early, tomorrow is too late.

The way I see it is this: every action we take … on a daily basis … casts a vote on our behalf. For example, every time we buy and eat organic, we are voting “Yes” to a world that values healthy humans, organisms, and ecosystems over a society that literally (yes, literally) poisons its food supply, poisons its soil, and ultimately creates the diseases it works so hard to cure (we’ll keep racing). Is it any surprise that a large body of evidence supports the causation of various diseases (e.g. birth defects, cancers) and other health effects (e.g. neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, kidney and liver damage) by exposure to pesticides (1)?

Who would willingly vote for that?

Every time we engage with the natural world, acknowledge its myriad roles, and appreciate its gifts, we are voting “Yes” to nature’s existence, its longevity, and its health, and we are voting “No” to the allowance of myopically-dazed industries to force their way in, disfigure the land, make a quick buck, and deem it all “progress.” According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80% of the Earth’s forests already have been destroyed.


Who would willingly vote for that?

Why reserve your vote for only one day out of the year? Voting can be an admirable act, for sure, and instead of proclaiming to everyone that you voted only today, let others know through your actions that your whole life is a constant, consistent, and never-ending vote for all things life-promoting and sustainable.

First week of November or not, I’ll be voting for that!

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Thank you!
Adam Haritan




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