What is Wild Foodism?


There is an overflow of diets saturating the modern human’s psyche.  Interestingly, all varieties claim to hold the key to sustained health and vitality.  Yet no matter what ratio of carbohydrates:fats:proteins is proclaimed to be ideal, and regardless of whether or not entire kingdoms of organisms are shunned, the typical diet fails to acknowledge one crucial aspect about our natural evolutionary upbringing:  we fared quite well (extremely well, actually) on wild food.

Wild Foodism is a movement bringing greater awareness of the most natural diet back into the consciousness of human beings.  One can argue that too much red meat is bad, that saturated fat causes heart disease (both points scientifically challenged), or that the consumption of grains has led to the degeneration of our species, but unless the discussion of wild food is brought to the table, all diets come up short.

Evidence has shown repeatedly that wild foods are almost always superior in nutritional quality compared to their domesticated relatives (wild lettuce vs. romaine lettuce, wild blueberries vs. cultivated blueberries, etc.).  Including more wild food into your lifestyle will guarantee greater food diversity, increased nutrient intake, and a deeper connection to the land (and water).

Explore the wild food lifestyle by incorporating more wild plants and/or animals into your diet, and reap all the rewards nature has been waiting to deliver.


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