Wild Foodism is a movement embracing the answer to the timeless question: What is our natural diet?

Beyond paleo, beyond raw food, and beyond vegetarianism, Wild Foodism is not just another diet with a different combination of the same domesticated foods, but rather a lifestyle that is inherently optimal to the Homo sapiens species.

This website is not meant to serve as an extensive identification guide for the various flora and fauna of our ecosystem.

Instead, its mission is to spread an awareness and adoption of nature’s most natural food into our current consciousness to enhance our health, longevity, and survival as a species.


22 Trees That Can Be Tapped For Sap & Syrup

5 Easy-To-Identify Edible Mushrooms For The Beginning Mushroom Hunter

How To Find & Identify Morel Mushrooms

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Maple Tree Sap

5 Unique Health Benefits Of Morel Mushrooms

Is This Chaga? A Key For Identifying This Remarkable Fungus

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Adam Haritan





  1. How do I get the Medicinal Mushroom guide. I have entered all my info an have not received it yet?
    Thank you

  2. Do you ever receive pictures if mushrooms and identify them. I found a really good size one growing above my treestand. Would really like to find out what it is. I have watched numerous of your videos . And very time I watch one I can’t help but think how much fun it would be to take a walk in the tembers with you. You seem so down to earth and a all around cool guy.


    1. Jim,

      Thanks for the kind words! Yes, you can certainly send photos of plants or mushrooms to my email address, and I can help you identify them —

      adam [at] learnyourland [dot] com

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi

    Thanks for you article on maple sap. I had heard that the natives of Canada did a spring detox with maple sap. Any idea if the dosage?



  4. Adam thanks for posting the info. I’m a retired Hydro One provincial forester and have spent many years working on and with trees, so find the mushroom info informative. I’ve seen Chaga Mushrooms many times while in the bush but up until this past December I had no idea what it was or its benefits. I have been battling a couple different types of cancer by taking RM10 which is 10 different medicinal mushrooms now for about eight years and now have added the chaga which I can find quite easily here in the hardwood bush lots of Ontario and have had enough to even sell some to the local organic farm for resale. A few of my friends have also started taking the chaga tea and have seen how beneficial it has been to keep them from getting sick also.
    Keep up the great work Adam. I have had two of my Doctors tell me that they believe the next major breakthrough in Cancer research will be from mushrooms and I certainly agree and can testify to what I have experienced in my own battle with this killer. They told me I would be dead about four years ago by now but I know God showed me what I could do to help myself.

  5. Hello Adam I’m so excited to have found your site i would like to know if there’s a bus that leaves the city for the gathering Aug 27TH and for the free book on Medinical mushroom guide 4902 N. 11th st 2FL Phila PA 19141

    1. Hi Latania,

      Thanks for the message. Can you please send me an email so that I have your email address? The medicinal mushroom guide is an e-book, and so I will send it to you electronically. Here is my email: adam@learnyourland.com

      Regarding the August 27th hike, there will not be a bus that leaves the city, though if you’re looking to carpool with someone, let me know and perhaps I can arrange that for you.

      -Adam Haritan

  6. Thank you for your vast knowledge of mushrooms !!!!! We have enjoyed your videos as well !!!! So far we have harvested two chicken of the woods and one hen of the woods !

  7. Looking for guide for beginners on mushrooms in south carolina lowcountry summerville, Charleston area. Thank you.

  8. Been shroomin’ and gathering for 20 years and take people out on forays and hikes, introducing them to what’s out there. Love it! Now there’s the medicinal side to add.

    1. Shooter, I apologize for not getting that over to you. Send me an email and I can forward you the link. My email: adam [at] learnyourland [dot] com

  9. I live in Armstrong County Pa. Near river ,I have over 9 acres of woods. And a creek running through. I have sassy frass trees. Mushrooms everywhere you look. Berries ,birds. Just nature out my back door and I want to live off my land. I’m ready to learn

  10. Adam, Thankyou so much for all the work that you do! I really enjoyed the booklet on the mushrooms and wondered if I could get one thru the mail my address is Ronald Aurand 50552 Allegheny ct. Granger ind. 46530 I have found some chicken and Hen of the woods this fall so good to eat ! Thankyou so much ! We hunt in lower Michigan .

  11. A few years ago I had a sheepshead grow at the base of my oak tree. Now I have them growing all around the base. Really great info that you have about it on your site. I just need to convince my wife now that they are safe to eat.

    Bob T in Pgh

  12. Great channel you have on youtube!,..i,ll be posting vids also soon,..i,m in w.penn about 45 miles up the Allegheny river,.also a forager,..i was very happy to find your channel,..hope to talk soon sometime,..thanks for all your doing!

  13. Learned a lot from your site … I’ve been hunting Maitake all my life & soon will try to grow them …. Just for the fun of it… & of course because they’re delicious.

  14. Thanks for the quick reply. .. I plan inoculating a few of my older Oak trees that have been damaged by Storms & probably won’t survive more than a couple more years .. It’s helpful to know that inoculating healthy trees COULD harm them , so that won’t happen.

    Thanks again for your timely & informative information

  15. Hi Adam, I have enjoyed reading the information on your website, very informative. I have been introduced to the health benefits of chaga and have been given a small quantity to try. Now I am interested in finding some myself. I recently took a walk on my land and spotted these on a very old birch tree. Is this chaga? What is the best way to send photos?

    1. Cheryl if what you found looks like a mushroom its not Chaga. Chaga just looks like a solid black crumble chunk of coal. When you break it off it will be golden brown underneath.
      Hope this helps.

  16. Hey Adam I really love all your videos Your enthusiasm for wild mushrooms is highly contagious I can’t get enough!
    Thank you so much for making these and sharing them. I’m really learning so much from you smart dude

  17. I am glad to see this source available. I use to be more active in this area, got out of it but want to pass this knowledge on to my grandkids. Thank you very much.
    Sincerely Eric Hopkins


    1. Adam I have been tapping sugar maples now for about 20 years and over the past few years have been experimenting with trying to help the trees to heal faster after tapping. Trees that I have tapped four or five years ago and didn’t do anything with are still showing the hole where they were drilled while others that I tapped in a 1 inch length of doweling in less than 2 years have completely healed over the spot with new bark. I match the drill bit size to the hardwood doweling and tap it in so that it is just slightly beyond flush so that you can just start to see the lighter colored inner bark. The little bit of sap that is still dripping out, swells the dry doweling and plugs the hole nicely but more importantly gives the bark something to attach to and heal over many years faster than if you didn’t. They are healing over so nicely that it makes it difficult to even find the location so you can avoid it when I tap the next time. I believe if I were to cut down the tree and open up this section that has been plugged that you could see that the tree hasn’t turned black here from it shutting down sap flow to this injured section and simply has just grown around the plug and sealed itself over with the new bark. So far this experiment has been very promising and thought others would like to know about this as well.
      I use a belt sander to slightly tapper the end of the dowel I tap in the hole and put them in right away as I pull the spiels. One year I tried to use slightly larger dowels and they actually split the tree a little so try and match the dowel to the right size of hole and tap it into the depth I mentioned and just see how fast it will heal over. I am a provincial forester and spent my life working with trees and they are truly a passion of mine. I would be happy to pass on any more info to anyone if they have questions about this.
      Keep up the great work Adam. I’m 61 now but still learning more about trees.
      Thanks Randy

  19. Same question as Celeste. I entered my information but have not received “Guide to medicinal mushrooms”

  20. I have found a large mushroom in my backyard. It looks like hen of the woods. It scares me because it is only June. Could it be hen of the woods? Is there anything that looks like it but is poisonous? Thank you for your help

  21. Hi Adam
    What a pleasure to see your enthusiasm. Last year I followed Dave Cantabury another naturalist from the Ohio area. I live in central Ontario Canada and the plant life in our area is similar to yours, what I’m interested in is if you know of, or have any connection or contact information of a naturalist or possibly a local organization or group in the Peterborough area

  22. Hi Adam, You have a picture of pine pollen, but I couldn’t find it in your store.
    Are you out? When will you make more?
    Do you use turpentine in wound treatment? Edgar Cayce recommends it highly.
    Have a great day.

  23. I am really interested. In learning all i can about living off the land, it is very interesting to know just how much was put out there in nature to help us all survive..

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  25. I just found what I think is chicken of the woods in my yard. How do I send a picture? It seems to be exactly what you described but my first experience–I’m a little nervous about picking/eating this.

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  27. Adam, what a great gift you have and are sharing! Your videos have helped inspire the pleasure and benefits of mushrooming in our whole family so that now even our small grandchildren were excited to receive for Christmas their own books on mushrooms.
    Question: Are you willing to share details of your favorite gear? Comfort in the out-of-doors is essential for full enjoyment. (We especially wondered about the high top boots you wore on your hike of the Raccoon State Park Loop.) Thanks and may you long continue to share with so many the wonders of Nature’s bounty.

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