Wild Foodism is a movement embracing the answer to the timeless question: What is our natural diet?

Beyond paleo, beyond raw food, and beyond vegetarianism, Wild Foodism is not just another diet with a different combination of the same domesticated foods, but rather a lifestyle that is inherently optimal to the Homo sapiens species.

This website is not meant to serve as an extensive identification guide for the various flora and fauna of our ecosystem.

Instead, its mission is to spread an awareness and adoption of nature’s most natural food into our current consciousness to enhance our health, longevity, and survival as a species.


22 Trees That Can Be Tapped For Sap & Syrup

5 Easy-To-Identify Edible Mushrooms For The Beginning Mushroom Hunter

How To Find & Identify Morel Mushrooms

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Maple Tree Sap

5 Unique Health Benefits Of Morel Mushrooms

Is This Chaga? A Key For Identifying This Remarkable Fungus

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